Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tissot T-Touch Battery Change

During my trip to Europe in 2002, I purchased my T-Touch watch in Switzerland. I have always enjoyed wearing it. My battery just died last month (2008). Instead of sending it to the store for 80 bucks battery change, I'd like to share my battery replacing experience with you. The total cost for my battery change is only $1.49 -- Bail you out from the expensive battery change.

  • Small - screwdriver (260/1,5x40)
  • Scissors
  • Renata CR1632 battery ($1.49)

1. Remove the bottom plate of your T-touch. With caution, I started out with small screwdriver, then with scissors blade...(took me about 15 minutes)

1.5. Don't use the holes on the bottom plate as leverage, the seal on the other side is fragile, especially if your watch is couple years old. This image shows you the hole I poked.

2. After bottom plate is removed, unscrew the 2 tiny screws first. It's tricky to remove the battery cover, because the plastic cover is held down with magnetic. CAUTION: Do NOT use the screw holder as leverage as it breaks easily.

3. Remove the battery using the screwdriver. It's much easier to remove it from the OPPOSITE side of the spring.

4. Put the new CR1632 battery in place. Push the battery against the spring. Don't be surprised if you hear a beep. That means your watch is waking up.

5. Now just put everything back. You did it! Now you just need to re-synchronize the digital/analog time on your T-Touch. Here's how to do it:
  1. Press and hold on to the T button until it beeps
  2. Touch the middle of the screen to change digital display to unit selection
  3. Press and hold the T-button until "Synchronize" comes up in the digital display
  4. Use the + button and - button to align the hour and minute hand to 12:00.
  5. Click on the T-button again. Congrats, you're done!
  6. Enjoy~


Kevin said...

This is cool! Thanks for sharing. Can you do a video version of this?

Anthony said...

Excellent write up. Just saved me $50. I went to the mall, dropped off my watch with a quote of $50. While I was getting a beer I googled and came across your blog and then rushed back with a $4 Radio Shack battery and got my watch back. Thanks.

Maheshwar said...

Perfect! The hands on my watch were out of sync. Your step by step instructions just did the trick for me! Rock on!


Ralf said...

I followed your instructions, helped me so much...

But unfortunately my watch didn´t wake up with the battery change.

Asis said...

Great job. I have an additional tip:
In my case some touch funtions did not work, sch as the center of the clock which happens to be necessary to access the sync manu. There is a solution though: hold the T button while inserting the new battery, then the watch will start in a service menu, displaying 1.0 on the LCD screen. by pressing T it goes to 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 then when at 4.0 by pushing + it goes to 4.1 and with - you can take the minute hand to the 0 position, the + to go to 4.3 and do the same for the short hand. continue pressing T until it goes to normal mode, with the hands synched.

Mat Lu said...

For future readers:

(1) Just to be clear, you pry off the bak; it doesn't unscrew. I was able to get mine off with a box cutter blade which I inserted horizontally against the reverse bezel and pried up.

(2) Be very careful with the little screws on the battery holder. I stripped out one of mine and was forced to drill it out. It's now just got the single screw but it seems to hold okay just by friction and the watch is working.

woofwoofx said...

Thank you for this step by step guide,

I followed it and was able to change the battery with only one problem.

the display is waaay dimmed and I can only set the thermometer and at any time I try to activate the other fuctions it goes back to thermo.

Any Ideas?

Miguel said...

Awesome walkthrough. you just saved me $35us that a guy wanted to charge me to replace the battery. I followed your instructions and $6.00 later my watch is up and running!


\n\n\n\n\n\n\nnick said...

Thanks for good instructions and excellent pictures. I found the hardest part getting the back on.

I just had my 1st generation (green) t touch come back from tissot. All I wanted was a new battery and I refused their service since they wanted $190. Their "equipment" had detected "foreign objects" in the watch.

(Turns out that when I opened the watch, they had managed to snap one of the little screws off and they never told me.)

karan said...

even after a new battery, my watch is still dead!
please help..

jas32 said...

Thanks for this great info. I just replaced the battery on my T-Touch after reading your instructions.

One thing to add/suggest, the slots on the screws they used for the battery holder are unusually narrow. I had to find an old eyeglass screwdriver and literally filed it ending up with quite a sharp edge. Otherwise it is very easy to "bugger up" the screw.

konstant1n said...

Thank you for photos and instructions.

Dr. Joseph Kim said...

Very nice. Thanks.

Vijay Kumar said...

Wish I had seen this before I spent $20 on a new battery. The watch repair man did not know how to synchronize though. Thanks to your entry, I now have it synchronized.

Ming said...

I just changed the baterry in my T touch (2003) successfully. Your step by step instruction help me a lot. Thank you so much.

akem said...
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akem said...

I went to Swatch group service center to replace battery.waited about an hour.after that they called me and said my watch is malfunction and need to be repaired cost about RM870 (malaysian ringgit)and there is another option where i let them keep my watch and add up RM1525 to replace my old watch with new t-touch II.i refuse, and then i found this blog i went straight away to ordinary watch shop and replace the battery.no problem at all!and it just cost me RM38!!imagine how much i can saved.this guide really help me alot!thankssss

Sergio said...

hi, I went to the store and they asked me for Fr.280 after checking this website I tried it myself and it worked like a charm. thanks a lot for this step-by-step instructions

CRay said...

Hi, Recently my t-touch went stopped working and since I donot regularly wear this watch, it might be 2-3 weeks it was this way. Anyway got the battery as I was sure that I could change the battery myself. Removed the back cover, then the screws that held the battery lid (as given in the above guide). Took out the battery and then inserted the new one (Renata). Waited to hear the beep but nothing. No beep or display. My heart sank. The watch was out of warranty and giving it back for repair is same as buying a new one.
Took the battery out, cleaned the terminals and the battery, inserted it again. Nothing. Then after some time, there was a rough beep and noticed that the watch was working. However pressing the T button gave a rough sound and the hands were acting irrationally. Touch was not functioning correctly and once it entered the function mode, it stayed there even after 30 secs and the hands kept moving from function to function in a cycle (as if there was a short circuit. Only way to come out of this was to reset the battery. Also noticed that if I kept it in my hand and gave it warmth or placed it in the sun, display would again go blank. When cool the watch started working again, but sometimes it slowed down as well. I thought that it might be caused by moisture so I wrapped it in a fresh newspaper and kept it in a wooden box for 10 days. Today I took it out and slowly pressed the T button, fully expecting the madness to begin again. Lo and behold.. a sharp beep and working as it should. Quickly synch. the hands, set time and date and checked the function. Everything is working as expected. Happy but as a precaution wrapped it back in a fresh newspaper so that any remaining moisture can be removed.
Any of the readers having the same problem, try this before giving it to the service center.

nishan ramjhon said...

pls can you tell me what battery size we need in Tissot t-touch expert ?

André Sterpin said...

I'have open it in 2 secondes with a putty knife.

Lalindra Ranatunga said...

I have noticed on some forums regarding a an "AC point" and having to reset the watch while replacing the battery. Has anyone come across this?
I replaced the battery but the watch is still dead. I tried to wrap it with newspaper and keep it but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?

Lee Clarke said...

Many thanks. Your instructions were spot on and for £1.02 ($1.62) I obtained a replacement battery postage free, and one hour later my watch is in full working order.

I can't understand why my local jeweller was unable to do the job.

GryHze said...

Excellent instructions! I was convinced it was a screw on back until I discovered this site.

If you have a 'snap back knife' designed especially for snap back cases, brace it against one of the lugs. Feel and look for the little notch between the case and the snap back. A large enough pocket knife blade might also do the trick.

Since the "interior" of the watch is exposed to the elements - use a magnifying glass along with a dab of 91% alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the case and body edge. Use only special silicone grease to lube the gasket and the snap back edge.

Good luck. Standard disclaimers apply!

oggierobt said...

Thanks for the excellent information - based on your description I decided to buy a battery and change it myself, but could only find a battery at a "handyman" stall in a supermarket basement (in Shanghai, where I live). He changed the battery for USD13 - not a huge bargain but he was a lot quicker than I would have been - but could not synchronise the analog and digital displays, he gave up and wandered away after ten minutes struggling. I came home, followed your directions and had it all sorted out in five minutes. Overall, much quicker and simpler than tracking down an "official" dealer and getting an unwanted "service". (like the London shop who serviced my IWC MkXV and decided to polish the stainless steel - additional GBP100 to wreck the original finish, no discussion, pay up if you want your watch back!)
Thanks again for the excellent information.

Changkai said...

The "keep dry" tip by CRay was excellent! Thanks for that. Mine didn't work after a battery change too. I tried putting it into a fridge and it started working. But minutes after it's out of the fridge, it's dead. I then tried putting it into a dry box and wait for it to start working before snapping the back in place, and it has been working since then.

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Missing V said...

I just replaced the battery on my Tissot T Touch Expert. I used a Duracell 3V CR2032 battery because I couldn't find a Lithium. It won't restart. Does that make a difference?

Karim tabbara said...

I've watched grdimis's video on youtube for replacement battery
But still my Titaniul T Touch Expert wont start :
No beep at all !
It's perfectly dry...
gooing mad.
Havent tried to rap it in newspaper but dont think it will ever work again
Dont buy Tissot !

ajitha said...

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